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Best Places to Eat In Dubai

Dubai is a global foodie paradise, much like Singapore, but Singapore has had over a century to develop its foodie destiny. Dubai is just a few decades old and is a recent foodie haunt, the home of several Michelin-starred chefs. If you’re looking for authentic Dubai cuisine, we’ll be glad to tell you there’s no such thing. There’s the Emirati cuisine which is a mix of Arabian and Bedouin dishes. The foodie scene in Dubai comprises of a mix of cuisines from all over the world. When you’re in Dubai, be sure to sample a bit of everything from everywhere – the street stalls, food courts, mid-range restaurants and top-tier eateries. It’s quality all the way.

Top Budget Food Haunts and Street Stalls in Dubai

·         Al Mallah Restaurant (Dhiyafah Street): An excellent street food stall that offers Emirati food, their core specialty being chicken shawarmas, which are to die for. The chicken is perfectly marinated and the wraps are perfect. All Mallah offers several other delectable dishes too, all at a very reasonable pricing. All Mallah is one of the best places to eat in Dubai.

         Zaroob: This street food haunt near Dubai International Financial Centre, is of Palestinian origin. It has a funky outdoor garden that you’ll enjoy. Inside you can enjoy piping hot falafel, mana’oushe, fateer and several other Arabic classics.

      Bu Qtair: This quaint Indian seaside restaurant is a bit far from the central action, but the food is worth it. Be sure to order the deep-fried turmeric fish, basmati rice and the slightly sour Assam curry. Best part? In the evenings, you can sit on the sand and eat.

      Ravi Restaurant: Ravi Restaurant is Dubai’s famous Indian cuisine haunt, which fits Dubai’s residents well, as there are many Indians and Pakistanis in the city. The food in Dubai has many Indian and Pakistani influences, and no Indian restaurant is more popular than Ravi Restaurant.

          Din Tai Fung: This Taiwanese foodie paradise is a restaurant chain. It’s located in the Mall of the Emirates and is a definite favourite of dumpling lovers around the world. Visit Din Tai Fung before heading off to Ski Dubai, warming your belly with hearty noodles, wonderful xiao long bao, and some mouth-watering veggie dishes that have earned them such a name among locals and visitors.

      Tom and Serg: Fronted by a florist, Tom and Serg always smells like fresh flowers. This café serves the best cold brews and Cubano sandwiches with veal ham and veal belly. To die for.

 Calicut Paragon: For lovers of vegetarian food, here we have budget-friendly pricing and flavoursome curries every evening. Fill your belly with delicious cheese-stuffed mushrooms and spinach pakodas and fabulous seafood. The crab masala and the pomfret in spicy rub and the fruity mango fish curry take the steal. End the meal with a cup of fragrant masala chai and you’re done for the day. Calicut Paragon is one of the best vegetarian places to eat in Dubai.

      Al Ustad Special Kebab:  A Persian restaurant, Al Ustad is one of the oldest establishments in Dubai. Head here for absolutely no-frills, totally authentic, Iranian fare. The quirky décor and the old-world charm and the melt-in-your-mouth kebabs will set everything all right in your world again. Al Ustad Special Kebab is one of the best non-vegetarian places to eat in Dubai.

Top High-end and Michelin-starred Restaurants in Dubai


Indego by Vineet: If you long for true Indian gourmet food, then head to this fine dining restaurant. Michelin-starred chef and owner Vineet Bhatia can whip up a mean cauliflower and broccoli puree that’s to die for. He is the first Indian chef to earn the Michelin for his restaurants in Geneva and in London. What’s more, he is the man behind the fascinating food on Qatar Airways

      Le Petite Maison: When you enter this high-end restaurant, you’ll wonder if you’ve stepped into a Renoir painting. The walls are a mottled beige and the waiters are in perfect black and white ensembles. The Mediterranean French cuisine is truly fabulous. Try the lamb cutlets and the gratin potato that comes with steaming hot cheese that doesn’t coagulate when cool. Try the delectable chocolate mousse for dessert.

·         Pierchic, Al Sufouh Rd: Located on a romantic pier overlooking the Burj Al Arab, Pierchic offers a warm service along with amazing seafood. Order the pavlova for dessert – the sweet mango sorbet underneath the meringue is done excellently here.

      Rhodes Twenty10: Located on Al Sufouh Road on Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort, Rhodes Twenty10 steakhouse takes you right back to the Billy Boys, a team of gangsters. Everything is over-the-top here – the Swarovski-designed chandeliers, the black walls, and gangsta food. There’s even a painting of the Billy Boys hanging in the waiting area. The Twenty10 Burger is a Rhodes Twenty10 specialty, which is a sandwich made of prime fillet between foie gras and confit potato. For dessert, order the iced pecan parfait, which offers the perfect crunch with a sweetness that you ought to try to believe.

        Only & Only Royal Mirage: This restaurant serves some excellent modern Asian cuisine. The ambience is casual dining during the day. However, after sunset, a magical change takes place and the casual ambience is replaced by a slick, refined ambience that turns this place into a fine-dining restaurant. The restaurant seating is positioned beautifully around the pool, which makes the seats look as though they are floating on the water. When you enter the restaurant, a winding walking built over the pool takes into the seating area and the casual bar. There’s also a fancy poolside marquee deck complete with stripes and shine.

 Ostro Mediterranean Restaurant: Offering what’s popularly known as Dubai Cuisine, which is a mix of Mediterranean, Lebanese, Iranian and Emirati cuisine, Ostro Mediterranean Restaurant has achieved a consistent rating of 4.8 stars from reviewers. The service is amazing here, as is the plentiful menu. The restaurant is located in Barsha Heights near Internet City Metro. 

Special Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

How about combining a fabulous boat tour with an even more fabulous dinner on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek? Enjoy a wonderful buffet style dinner plus hot and cool beverages. There’s even kids’ entertainment on some dhows. Eat the best of food as you glide past Dubai’s scintillating skyline.

Whether you’re doing a national cuisine hunt or looking for a quick bite to eat, Dubai has it ready for you. There’s an eatery in this city to fit every budget. There are enough fine-dining options to take care of those ‘have-money-will-spend’ moments as well. You’ll never be at a loss as to where to dine or what to eat, not while you’re in Dubai.

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